Megabite is expanding!

Stavanger, Jæren & Dalane

Megabite has taken over Lokomotiv Media's advertising department in Bryne,
and Egersund-based advertising agency Bulldog Reklame.

Web design

Now, your business’s web design is more important than ever. A good web design will present your company in the best way and clearly communicate to your target audience with an inviting and elegant design. Megabite also focuses on search engine optimization when we develop a web design for your business.
Web design

Commercials / Film

Advertising and company presentation films are becoming more and more commonin marketing. Film is becoming an easier and less expensive process, making it more accessible for content marketing.

Megabite has its own film department with an experienced film crew. We can make documentaries and commercials for all budgets. You would be suprised what you can do with even a low budget film! We have offices in Stavanger, but take film projects across the country.
Grafisk design

Graphic design

Brochures, business cards, sales sheets, direct mail, envelopes, and more: Megabite provides graphic design for all forms of printed material. We design according to your company’s graphic profile and targets.
Grafisk design

Some of our references

Here are some examples of websites, logos, graphic design, film, and photography. Click the link below for even more references.
"Startup" is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get a good web online. - And it requires no programming knowledge. Give it a try for free!

Megabite is a group of creative people with interdisciplinary skills

Megabite consists of 15 people with backgrounds in graphic design, web design, finance, marketing, e-business, front end development, journalism, art, film, photography and communication. We have great expertise in WordPress, Destinet and film. We have strong lauguage skills and can help you with text in both English and Norwegian.

Publishing Tools

There are very few websites today that are developed without a publishing tool. A publishing tool, or CMS, makes it possible to maintain and establish new websites in a simple manner. Come visit us at our offices in Stavanger for a talk and demonstration on just how easily you can maintain your own website.
Publishing tools

Digital marketing

What is digital marketing and how does it differ from traditional marketing? Digital refers to the use of technology in place of traditional printed media, radio and television. Digital marketing is based on traditional marketing concepts, but uses modern technology to sell products and build the brand. The core of all digital marketing is often the company's website. Megabite has extensive experience with digital marketing and social media such as Facebook. Take contact with us for help.
Digital marketing

Logo design

We can assist your company in the complete process of creating a logo and company profile: the graphic design of logo, company graphic identity, marketing materials, and web design.
Logo design


Webdesign and expertise that provide good search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has never been more important. Most of us use Google to find products and services, but few companies have an overview of their own visibility, or some strategy to be more visible. Megabite works strategically together with our customers to transferring our knowledge to you so that you yourself may continue to improve your own SEO in the future. The good webdesign is useless unless there is also focus on SEO.

Megabite has worked on many successful SEO projects in Stavanger.  Contact us for references. >> Read more