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SEO Checklist

Checklist for Good Search Engine Optimization of Your Website

Good SEO (search engine optimization, or Search Engine Optimization) means that one follows some rules determined by Google, Bing and other search engines' guidelines. Good SEO is also based on the experiences of companies that specialize in this and researching the topic.

Below are a number of points as a checklist for SEO. Please contact Megabite AS to learn how to get all of these points on your website. Does your curretn publishing tools use the right code? Few tools on the market today add search engine friendly addresses (URL), get an add keywords and descriptions on individual pages. There are large discrepancies between different publishing solutions. Please contact us for a review.

  1. Keywords in URL
    The first word is best
  2. Keywords in Domain Names
    Preferably the same as the title of the page
  3. Keywords in title
    First word is best. Max 60 characters, no special characters
  4. Key concept in the description meta tag
    Max 200 characters
  5. Keywords in keyword meta tag
    Less than 10 words. Keywords must be represented in the text of the page
  6. Keyword density
    Maximum 7% of all words
  7. Keywords in H1, H2 and H3
    The correct code for the page headers
  8. Font size for Keywords
    Size of text and highlighting of keywords
  9. Keywords combinations
    If one wants to focus on keyword combinations make sure to have them together in the text of the page
  10. Keywords early on the side
    Important keywords should be placed early in the text
  11. Keywords in alt text
    Use keywords in the alt text for images. It should be related to the image.
  12. Internal linking to sites
    Link keywords to other pages with the same theme
  13. No broken links
    Check links regularly to avoid broken links
  14. Size of page
    Try to make the site as easy to load as possible
  15. Refresh page often
    Google loves frequently updated pages!
  16. Alder på side
    Eldre sider har fordeler
  17. Lengde på url
    Forsøk å ha en kort url
  18. Age of website and domain
    Google takes older websites and domains that have been in use for a long time
  19. Do not replace text with image
    Do not use graphics to use special fonts in items or headlines. Use technology that writes code with H1 tags.
  20. Do not use text in Flash
    Google can not read content in Flash
  21. Do not use frames
    Avoiding the use of frames in building sites
  22. Correct code
    Does the site's code validate without any errors?
  23. Do not try to cheat
    An example is white text on a white background. Cheating with be punished severely by Google.
  24. PageRank
    Try to get others to link to your site. Preferably pages that have high page rank within the same industry.

Mål resultater underveis og foreta tiltak

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