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Search Engine Optimization (SEO). More important now than ever!
Visibility in search engine is important. How easily do you find your page when searching in, for example, Google? When over 92% of all Internet users today utilize search engines to find goods and services, it is important to be visible. Forrester starts that 93% of all trade done over the counter in a physical store begins with the buyer first obtaining information on the web.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of using available knowledge of directories and search engines to build up a website, both technically and content wise, in order to get the highest possible ranking and placement in the search areas in which you want to be promoted.

How does your site rank?

Ranking in search engines is based on hundreds of parameters, but can be roughly divided into content, technical quality and visibility elements (inbound links, meta etc.).

If your site is very weak on the technical quality and visibility elements, having good quality content in not enought to make up for it. A combination of these three aspects is needed for optimal search engine optimization. It is very important to have a good content management system for your website. The platform you use must have correct code and not impose and restrictions on your ability to optimize your site. 

What should you do next?

There are several ways to proceed when working with search engine optimization of a website. One method is based on following all the guidelines to the letter, the exact opposite is based on exploiting holes and back doors in the system, thereby risking exclusion, which we strongly warns against. Good search engine optimization begins with a good web design that sets you up for success and will allow for further optimization and growth the future.

Please contact us at Megabite AS to find out what opportunities are available in working with search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. We have offices in Stavanger, but provides services throughout the country.

Creating engaging content

There are many things that affect your placement in Google's search engine. In addition to technical quality and content, sites that have lots of traffic will also have higher indexing. So how does with no traffic improve their visibility? Add new content, add value, and promote your site on other channels, such as Facebook. Through the traffic you will get from other external sources, you will draw visitors to your site which will in turn help improve organic visibility on Google search engines.

How to get high visibility and a lot of traffic

Many companies working with SEO (search engine optimization) focus on technical elements of the pages in a website. This is a good practice, but it is also important to remember that one must create a larger search target, ie, more pages, and more content that add value for customers.


Google is the biggest and most popular search engine. If you are working on optimizing your website for search engines, Google should have the most attention.

We help you

With an understanding of search engine optimization / SEO it is possible to do a lot on your own to improve your ranking in Google and help customers find your business. However, it can also be timeconsuming to perfect the "art". Contact Megabite to see how we can help you.