Finally, a publishing tool that is easy to use!


Finally, a publishing tool that is easy to use!

Have you been looking for a publishing tool that is easy to use and has good preview of your work? Destinet ™ is a publishing tool where updates are made right in your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox). By working directly in your browser you will constantly have an overview of the site and the changes you make. Since there is no need for any program installation on your pc / mac, you have the opportunity to update the website from anywhere in the world. All you need is Internet access.

Destinet ™ is particularly well suited for situations with multiple portals (major site), since it has the ability to handle multiple sites within a single administration. Another special benefit of this is that any site that is linked to the portal can share media such as text, images, video, etc., through the built-in media base. Destinet is also very good for search engine optimization.

Megabite AS is also distributor of the Destinet program. If you run an advertising agency, design firm, or other similar company and would also like to be a reseller of Destinet Content Management, contact us for a review of conditions and services Megabite can help with. Read more about our affiliate program here.

Contact us or visit our offices in Stavanger for a demonstration of the publishing tool.

User friendly

"If you can use Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, you can also use Destinet.” The user experience has been at the forefront in the development of version 3.0. Simple operations such as adding, updating and removing information can be done quickly and efficiently.


Destinet has a number of built-in security measures, ensuring that your web portal meets today's stringent security requirements. You can set separate security on the web portal, web pages, and modules on each page. 


Destinet is built in a "modular" system. Customers have the freedom to choose what functions they need for their website and only pay for those modules. Additional modules can be added at any time in the future. Your site can thus easily be expanded to meet the needs of your organization. There is a wide range of modules to fit your needs. Easy administration of Intranet and Extranet module, for example, enables effective communication with employees, customers and suppliers. It is also easy to set up and update different language versions of your site.