Publishing tools

Update your website without technical expertise with WordPress CMS

Publishing tools, Content management systems, or CMS: different names for the same thing. A publishing tool is the foundation of a website, it is important to choose the right tool for your needs. WordPress and Destinet are two different options. 

Publishing tools (CMS)

A publishing tool is a type of software used to publish content on the Internet in an easy and convenient way, without having to write code yourself.

A publishing tool makes it possible to maintain a website, and to establish new sites, with no more than basic computer knowledge.

There are very few sites today that are developed without a publishing tool (also known as CMS or Content Management System). The market is flooded with different options, making it difficult to find the right solution.

Choose the solution to fit your needs

Megabite focuses on finding the best publishing tools in the market to offer to our customers. There are many demands and requirements for a good publishing solution. It must be easy to use, but also technologically advanced enough to meet customers needs and meet requirements for better visibility in search engines, like Google.

When Megabite, or any other firm, makes a web design for a website, it is important that the designers understand the publishing tool that will be used. The reason is this is that some publishing solutions have limits on what is possible to implement, or what things will make it more difficult for the customer to update.


Today, our customers want emphasis on search engine optimization. Different publishing tools will produce wildly different results as far as how visible they make a website. Some publishing tools creates short and easy to understand web addresses, insert description and keywords in each page, create solutions and sitemap robots.txt files, etc.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the various solutions available and we can help you find the best publishing tool to suit your needs.