We are Megabite

Megabite is an advertising agency that delivers much more than this: Internet solutions and graphic design to the SMB market, including web sites, web designs, logos, publishing solutions, profile manuals and publications.

From August, Megabite is taking over Lokomotiv Media's advertising department in Bryne, and Egersund-based Bulldog Advertising. Megabite will maintain offices Stavanger, Bryne, and in Egersund.

Megabite, which is based in Stavanger, was established in 2001 and is an advertising agency that focuses on digital marketing. For those who were customers of Lokomotiv- and Bulldog Advertising, this means an even better local deals.

As a larger community, Megabite can now offer customers an even wider range of better services and products. This new venture will create an even more services in the future, but we will also maintain, and further develop, our expertise in concept development and design.

You, as a customer, arevguaranteed that Megabite can deliver whatever you desire. We look forward to this new venture, and future partnerships that can better serve our customers.
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Megabite Stavanger

Megabite Stavanger is located at iPark in Ullandhaug

Personnel Megabite Stavanger

Øyvind Grødem

mobile: 402 31 090

Kjetil Kleppe

mobile: 924 43 258

Lani Cantor Vatland

mobile: 453 91 290

Tine Løvik

mobile: 976 74 430

Eirik Kvarv

mobile: 957 35 195

Anne May Halstensen Borsheim

mobile: 907 29 537

Daniel Thu

mobile: 467 471 42

Megabite Jæren & Dalane

Megabite deparment Jæren & Dalane has offices in Bryne and Egersund

Personnel Megabite Jæren & Dalane

Roar Hasle

mobile: 901 55 525

Hanne Lovise Leknes

mobile: 980 97 965

Siv Kristin Herikstad

mobile: 402 01 423

Heidi Kaldheim

mobile: 454 52 317

Hilde B. Lambrechts

mobile: 928 41 037

Ine A Haneferd

mobile: 45 60 28 01

Tore Friestad

mobile: 415 16 863

Megabite Photo

Megabite Photo has an office and studio in Egersund

Personnel Megabite Photo

Bjørn Aakre

mobile: 992 48 607

Megabite Filmavdelingen

Megabite's film department in Stavanger is located at iPark in Ullanhaug

Personnel Megabite Film

Svein Molaug

mobile: 412 22 711

Rune Sørensen

mobile: 481 31 658
Megabite Stavanger
Tel:  51 59 26 52
Post address: Postboks 8034, 4068 Stavanger
Visiting address: Ipark, Prof. O. Hanssensvei 7, 4021 Stavanger
Megabite Bryne
Tel: 901 55 525
Post adress: Pb. 115, 4379 Egersund
Visiting Address: Forum Jæren, 5. etasje, Hetlandsgata 9, 4340 Bryne
Megabite Egersund
Tel:  +47 901 55 525
Address: Pb. 115, 4379 Egersund
Address: Postboks 8034, 4068 Stavanger
Megabite Stavanger
Megabite Jæren & Dalane