Logo design

Your identity in the market

One of the most important instruments of communications a company has is its graphic profile. A recognizable logo with a unique expression is the core of this profile. 

Your logo will make your company stand out in a crowd of competition. A logo usually consists of name, a graphic symbol or a combination of both. A logo should work in all sizes and in all forms of media, from websites and business cards to newspaper ads, large signs and banners.

Megabite has expertise that ensures we will deliver you a logo to suit your needs and address your target groups. You, the customer, play an important part in the process of designing a logo. Your knowledge of your business and your customers is essential to achieving the best possible logo for your company. We ask our customers to give their input and feedback at every step in the design process.

Some logo references

Here are some examples of logo we've created. Click the link below for even more references.

We help you

With an understanding of search engine optimization / SEO it is possible to do a lot on your own to improve your ranking in Google and help customers find your business. However, it can also be timeconsuming to perfect the "art". Contact Megabite to see how we can help you.