Advertising films and filmproduction

It's easy to hit play

Megabite makes commercials, presentation films, animation, and content production for small and large businesses. We can do film projects for all budgets.

Some of our productions

Here are some examples of films we've produced, directed, cut, and edited. Click the link below for even more references.

Advertising and Film Production

It is easy to press play when a website offers film as an alternative to reading to get information about products, services, and news. Megabite has worked extensively with content marketing where content and valuable information are the backbone of your marketing. Advertising and presentation films are valuable for catching people's attention, generating interest, and providing information. Film used in marketing together with social media will get even better results. 

We believe more companies, especially manufacturing companies, have much to gain from a better presentation of their products through the use of advertising. View product features, team training videos, and present your videos on several channels.

Film: not as expensive as you think

It wasn't that many years ago that film was so expensive that very few companies made commercials. Both film production, and channels for diplaying film (cinema and television airtime), cost a lot. Today, the media changed drastically with the web, Youtube and social media like Facebook which provide free or low cost platforms to show the film.

We keep focus on costs and can deliver movies for low budgets. Contact Megabite to get an estimate.

Content Marketing and Film Production

Film is often used as "push" marketing. When we work with our customers on marketing with film, we always try to find ways to also use "pull" marketing. Advertising films can be a very effective marketing tool, but so can films that provide new value for the consumer. These are movies that the consumer would actively search for themselves, through channels like YouTube.

Using video clips and movies will get better exposure on social media, like Facebook, than just pictures. Content Marketing with social media is a growing part of marketing, and film will play an even larger part in the next few years. It is important to remember that "commercials" also include films used in content marketing.